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Grow Your Own Food!

Learn Gardening for Peace!

An Introduction to Effective Microorganisms, Nature Farming, Holistic Agriculture & Spiritual Gardening


Workshops and Individualized Training is now available through the Living Earth Training Center. Introductory Courses and Advanced Training in Gardening for Peace using the garden facilities at the White Mountain Nature Farm near the town of Concho in Apache County, Arizona. Special focus is on training in the use of Effective Microorganisms and Nature Farming Principles and Practices to create sustainable and regenerative organic food production systems.  We also teach Gardening for Peace and Spiritual Gardening Principles and Practices to 
enable students to create their own customized gardens and to pursue the practice of Spiritual Gardening as a path to higher consciousness and "Awakened Being".


Introductory course provides:


·         Selecting Seed Varieties: suitable for organic food production.

·         Creating Soil Mixes: transplants, growing beds, hanging baskets.

·         Basic Plant Propagation: seed saving, cuttings & grafted plants.

·         Introduction to Effective Microorganisms, a cutting-edge general purpose microbial inoculant and its uses in creating Living Soil, the basis for Nature Farming.

·         Crop Planning and Scheduling: for year-round food production in greenhouses and growing domes, as well as outdoor gardens.

·         Nature Farming Principles and Practices: Balancing the Energies of the Earth, Sun and Moon; Living Soil; Lessons from Nature: Harmony and Balance in Nature & the Garden.

·         Veganic Agriculture: creating soil fertility without using animal products & fisheries' wastes. 

·         Veganic Composting: EM Bokashi, Rock Dust, Ocean Minerals, Humates, Kelp Products, and plant-derived specialty fertilizers.

·         Spiritual Gardening: how to use your love of gardening as a spiritual practice as a moving meditation and karma yoga to enhance your development and awareness.

·         Gardening for Peace: how gardening and sharing “authentic live food” can help create peace in oneself, in the family, community, nation and the world.

·         Course Materials several key texts, plus handouts and bibliography of recommended reading for each topic covered.



Teachers: John Phillips, B.S. Biology, M.S. Agriculture, 40 years experience in all facets of greenhouse agriculture, organic farming and spiritual gardening. At a detailed Curriculum Vitae is provided for more information about John's background and experience, including a list of publications.


Great for family, individual, and community health, well-being, and sustainability!



Comprehensive Training:  This workshop presents a truly remarkable distillation of the very latest research and production experience with organic techniques for home food production.  Unique information is presented on such topics as veganic food production, the use of EM (Effective Microorganisms) microbial inoculants and Ocean-Grown minerals in combination with OMRI –Listed organic fertilizers to produce crops with the highest nutrition; Problem Solving: how to deal with excess salts, insects, diseases and other concerns.


Hands-on Training Experiences:  We teach you the theories and then give you a chance to gain practical, hands-on experience through numerous practicum as part of your workshop training.

Costs depend on options.  Contact us at to discuss opportunities and options for creating a custom workshop or training experience for both individuals and groups.




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