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This web site is dedicated to presenting information about the movement to create world peace by ending world hunger.  www.gardeningforpeace.org will be used as a host website for this purpose, featuring links and information resources to provide a convenient reference on sources and resources for the creation of an abundant future for all.  

Additional information is available at  www.gardeningforpeace.com which features information and links about how to create Peace Gardens and how to access resources such as EM (Effective Microorganisms), organic seeds and tools.  

At www.gardeningforpeace.net you can access links to the worldwide movement in Nature Farming, EM Farming, and various other forms of sustainable food production including permaculture, bio-dynamic farming, bio-intensive agriculture and traditional Native American farming methods, among others.  

This website (Gardening for Peace Dot Org) contains information about resources such as our training programs and our qualifications as teachers. We also post articles and notes here about topics of interest to Gardening for Peace. Check back often for updates and new postings as we share both the most current as well as from our extensive archives on information related to Gardening for Peace.

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